Bob Fitzgerald

This award-winning hotel was the brain child of Bob Fitzgerald, based upon the simplistic bauhaus principals of industrial design.

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The Architect

The Architect

Bob Fitzgerald was born in Edinburgh in 1948. The son of a butcher, Bob grew up in Perth and was educated at Perth Academy and then studied at Scott Sutherland's School of Architecture before graduating in 1972. He went on to be awarded a Diploma in Urban design and subsequently worked in Edinburgh and in London. In 1979 Bob moved to Aberdeen and established his own practice of Fitzgerald & Associates in 1984.

This award-winning hotel was his concept, based upon the simplistic bauhaus principals of industrial design. "One of the beautiful features of the architectural profession is that our achievements are left in a tangible way for all to see. The buildings we help to create seek to change cities for the better".

Bob rallied against unnecessary red tape and abhorred pomposity, instead believing that "a good building is the result of teamwork between the design team, the builders and the client". Bob's easy-going nature and charismatic personality ensured that he was effective in business, and worked with humour and ease amongst all levels of people.

Bob Fitzgerald died on 10th November 2009 and the bauhaus was his last commission.

The Architect